Towards quality employment and strengthened industrial relations

Towards quality employment and strengthened industrial relations

19 July 2018. As part of their social dialogue, EFFAT and CEETTAR undertook an action on industrial relations and social dialogue in the rural services sector.

With this action, these two organizations wanted to:

  • initiate an evaluation of the employment in the sector;
  • support the creation of levers to develop vocational training and skills of the actors;
  • support and promote industrial relations and social dialogue.

This action was also a part of the ongoing program on best practices on the quality of services. As previously agreed, based on the guide made in 2008, the CEETTAR starts the establishment of a comprehensive approach as regards qualification, notably to support countries that do not have national qualification schemes yet

Thus, CEETTAR and EFFAT, with the financial support of the European Union, have during the period of performance of the action:

  • identified and analyzed best practices for evaluating and improving the working conditions;
  • Promoted a training tool, drawing on examples that are best suited to this sector;
  • Developed a methodology for initiating and strengthening industrial relations based on good practice examples drawn from the detailed analysis of the experts and debates in a European Conference.

You find below the outcomes of these activities:

1. Report from the experts

2. Skilled agricultural service technician : Training for the future !

3. A new social dialogue in Poland: Agreement between PZPUR and ZZPR

Action realised with the support of the European Union.